The 2017 RPT season kicked off at the friendly confines of Grover’s Playhouse.  Believe it or not, this marks the 13th year of the Ross Poker Tour.  I still find it hard to believe that a little structure and a few folks could keep something going for so long.  The RPT is totally made up of its players and we need new bodies to keep the tournament going for years to come so be sure to ask folks around you if they want to join a poker league.  Having folks join in the beginning of the year is the best bet…  bring a buddy next tournament and I promise that Grover will only harass them for a little while with minimal screaming at their genitals….  (if you don’t get that joke…  you have missed the Final Table and the January tournament…)


We had a smaller than expected showing in January with 18 loyal RPTers showing up to Grover’s. As I always say, I love playing at Grover’s Playhouse.  It is a perfect central location for most RPTers and has all the amenities we require.  Thanks to Grover for his hospitality.


After winning 2016 RPT Player of the Year, Bob Herd Sr. has started his 2017 season with a Beer Bitch finish.  This is Bob’s 3rd Beer Bitch finish in his RPT career and his first since October of 2014.  Bob’s play has really come a long way since he first started at the RPT and I assume we will see him back to his old ways next month.




















We had a ton of big hands all night but one of note was when a nut flush was beat by quad aces.  You can see below…  Don Berry had As-10h versus Rob Herd Jr.’s Qs-5s.  The flop comes out as Ac-Ks-6s.  This gives Bob a flush draw and Don has top pair.  At this point, Don has a 66% chance of winning.  The next card is an As.  This gives Rob the nut flush and Don now has trip Aces.  Rob is now a 77% favorite to win this hand…  then the river hits the other Ace giving Don QUAD ACES.  Rob was not excited to see that…



Our top 3 for the tournament are:


Third Place: Dave “FedEx” Levin.  FedEx is starting off his 2017 on a high note by getting his first Top 3 finish since July of 2014…  That is 21 tournaments played before this month’s Top 3 finish.  Kudos to you FedEx finally breaking that draught.


Second Place: Brian Ross.  Yours truly…  This is my first top 3 finish since February of last year.  This breaks the tie for career top-3 finishes that I had with Tony Huckestein and now sit on top (for now).  It should be noted that I have played in 91 tournaments and Tony has played in 73 so…  My tenure is giving me a bit of a boost in this statistic J


First Place: Don Berry.  Don starts 2017 with his first RPT victory.  Don has been on a quiet streak lately having finished in the top 3 in 3 of his last 4 tournaments.  Don didn’t get into any RPUs in his first 21 tournaments until finishing third in September of last year.  Congrats to Don.


See everyone in February…  and bring a friend J