The third RPT tourney of the year brought us to Brian Bennett’s Grandparents home in Dundalk.  This house was hand built by his grandfather and some other family members.  I thank all the Bennetts for sharing this place one last time with the RPT crew.  The food spread was excellent.  Thanks to all of the Bennetts for their hospitality.


26 players made it out to play the March tourney.  We got a new player as well who attended: Nick Bennett, Brian Bennett’s son.  I never thought the RPT would be going on so long as to see another generation start playing as well.  We had 3 generations of Bennetts at this one with Chick in attendance as well…  We also had a herd of Herd’s and a gaggle of O’Connors as well…


Speaking of Herd’s, our Beer Bitch for the night was Rob Herd Jr.  I couldn’t believe it but this is Rob Herd Jr.’s first Beer Bitch finish in his 34 regular season tourneys.  He has been out 2nd twice in his career but this is an impressive run.  This is his worst finish since August of 2016 when he was out 2nd.  The only other time he had finished 2nd out was his first tournament ever back in October of 2013.  I am sure this will not impact Rob’s season and will just be a score to drop at the end of the year.  Rob currently sits in 22nd place.


Here is a summary of the middle of the tournament as I remember it:  Tony was destroying souls and Voldemort was just raking in chips…  and then Voldy put out Tony and he had a TON of chips…  lets fast forward further.  Going into the Final Table, Voldemort was a


Finishing on the bubble was Trueman.  After finishing as Beer Bitch last month, Trueman had a great tournament just finishing outside the RPUs.  He is now in 8th place.



In fifth place: Brian Bennett.  He was knocked out of the tournament after Voldemort said “Avada Kedavra.”  Brian continues to just play great poker and, when he can make a majority of the tournaments in the year, seems to be a lock to make the final table.  This is his first RPU finish since he finished third in Oct 2016 tournament.


In fourth place: Angie Brower.  Angie has been a ghost lately.  This is her first tournament since May 2016 and she made it count.  This was Angie’s first RPU finish since she finished 3rd in February of 2015…  however, there with a flick of his wand and a green light…  Voldemort dispensed of Angie…


In third place: Paul O’Connor.  Paul has had a solid season and now sits in spot #1 on the RPT 2017 standings. This is Paul’s first top 3 finish since he finished third in July of 2016.  But, He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named sent Nagini to dispense of one more Muggle on his way to a heads up matchup with…


Gene O’Connor.  Gene was behind in chips but put up a nice battle heads up with Voldy… but it mattered not.  Gene ended up being the last of Voldemort’s victims.  Gene plays roughly 2 or 3 RPT events a year and seems to always make a solid showing.  In his last 4 tournaments, he has 2 wins and one 2nd place finish…  that is not a typo.  Gene is a Machine.  This was Gene’s 13th career top 3 finish putting him in a tie for 7th all-time.


This brings us to Jason Ostendorf AKA Voldemort AKA Tom Riddle AKA Who-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named.  If you are wondering, I did just finish book 7 of the Harry Potter series so all of these Voldemort references are top of mind.  This is Voldy’s 6th win all time which puts him in a tie for 4th all-time with Gene O’Connor and Jason Trueman.  Voldy has played great poker with lots of RPU and top-3 finishes but this was his first win since January of 2015.  Please join me in congratulating Voldemort on his most recent victory.


See everyone in April where we will celebrate the 4th RPT Tourney of the year and Mr. Tinker’s Birthday as well.