The second tournament of the 2017 season has come and went.  It was the 147th tournament since the beginning of the RPT (including Final Tables).  That is quite a feat.  Thanks goes to Stan Lynch and his wife for hosting us.  My Dad had never been there before and was quite impressed with the sports memorabilia.  I always thank the hosts because without them, the RPT would not be able to keep going.  We have been blessed to have some RPTers with awesome man caves and facilities.  When you are playing your next tournament, be sure to thank the host for their gracious hospitality.






I would also like to welcome some new and old faces to the RPT.  Joe Milich and Jon Zahner had their first RPT event in February of 2017.  They are friends of Glenn Tana.  Welcome to the RPT gentlemen.






I would also like to welcome Vince Powers back to the RPT.  Vince was a dedicated member from 2007 through 2013.  His last RPT event was back in April of 2014.  His RPT highlights include winning the 2008 Final Table.  Hopefully we will be seeing more of Vince.



Now – on with the results…


It comes with a mixture of emotion that I announce the latest Beer Bitch as it is none other than our beloved Trueman.  For those of you new to the RPT, Trueman is one of the founding members back in 2005.  That year, Trueman finished as Beer Bitch 3 times.  He was an aggressive player back then and got caught a few times.  He was ridiculed a bit for that and since that inaugural year, Trueman is one of the more accomplished players in the RPT.  Last month, Trueman got his 6th career Beer Bitch finish.  So, after he got 3 Beer Bitch finishes in 2005 in his first 11 tournaments.  He has gotten the other 3 over his last 105 tournaments.


It should also be noted that Tom Ross Sr. was an eyelash away from getting his SECOND Beer Bitch finish.  He was making quite a show about how he has never been a Beer Bitch in all the years he has played… but the RPTDB remembers.  It was back in May of 2007…  Just wanted to jog his memory J  Now…  Tom Sr. got out so early because of Grover getting quads on the same card that gave Tom Sr. a full house.  I am amazed he wasn’t put out on that hand…  Grover was nervous that Tom Sr. had a higher quad which seemed unlikely.


Our top 4 finishers were:


#4)         Glenn Tana.


Glenn had 5 kills in this event.  This is his first RPU finish since he won the September 2016 tourney.  This is Glenn’s 11th career RPU finish moving into a tie for 10th all-time with Mr. Tinker.  Glenn is an excellent poker player and through his OCD habits regarding chip stack heights and color coordinated betting, he continually in the running for the Final Table.  In looking through Glenn’s history, his greatest nemeses are Trueman, Huckestein, and Ostendorf.  They are the players most likely to put him out.


#3)         Grover Sauter.


Grover continues his streak of excellent play with 3 RPU finishes in his last 4 RPT events.  This is his first top 3 performance since he won the November 2016 tourney last year.  Grover also had 5 kills in this event.  This is Grover’s 13th career Top 3 finish moving him into a tie with Rob Schilling for 6th place all-time.


#2) Doug Deleo


For the record…  Doug should have won this tournament… several times.  More on that later.  Doug has struggled over his last 3 tournaments, averaging just 5 points over that span with a high of 6 points.  He was also out first in the RPT Final Table after what can only be considered the worst stretch of cards that humanity has ever seen.  This is Doug’s first top 3 performance since March of 2016.


#1) Matt Straffin


As I mentioned above, Matt should not have won this tournament and I know he would say the same.  Doug had him all-in pre-flop at least 3 times where Matt was a strong underdog and somehow, would catch the card he needed.  Doug, as always, handled these occurrences of bad luck with grace. Regardless, Matt ended up with the victory after a fairly long heads up battle.

Matt has become one of the best RPTers on the tour.  After joining the RPT in September of 2014, Matt has 4 wins.  That is 4 wins in 22 tournaments.  That is impressive.  The other impressive thing is that he has no other top 3 finishes.  If he is in the top 3, he is going to win that tournament.  Matt’s 4 career wins put him in a tie for 5th place in the all-time standings.


Congratulations to Matt on his victory and a shout out to Doug for his grace under such ridiculously bad luck.  See everyone in March!