The March tournament was graciously hosted by Rob Herd Jr. And while the “host curse” did not exactly hold true this time, Herd Jr. did get knocked out 2nd — close enough. I’m sure Rob will bounce back next time. We had 20 players, not a bad crowd considering that Paul O’Connor was a no-show because he “100% forgot” that there was a poker game. Who does that? Jason Trueman was the Beer Bitch on this occasion, getting bested by Elena Jo, although I don’t recall Jason fetching any beverages. There were many familiar faces (the usual suspects) but we also had some newcomers. Phil M, friends with Harry Stolte, had an impressive showing with some bold bets. But I think the drink got the best of “Fill” and he “Fell” just two spots shy of some RPUs. We also saw the return of Donna and Jack Fulmer – the dynamic duo – who both made the top three. The Fulmers claim there was no collusion, but the investigation is still pending. Top four players walked away with some scratch, yours truly coming in 4th. No complaints there. Jack Fulmer seemed to luck his way into third place, modestly going all in and doubling/tripling up on several hands, but his luck finally ran out with Roger. It should come as absolutely no surprise that the top 2 players were Donna Fulmer and Roger Ferrer, who literally “killed it” all night long. Roger knocked out 6 players, and Donna knocked out 7. And while knocking out 7/20 players is extremely impressive, Donna only finished with a tie for the 12th deadliest player. When the dust settled, Donna had defeated Roger in a hard fought heads up. See you all in April.