Player of the Year

Over the years, the Tour has had some excellent poker players. The top points leader each year is dubbed as the “Player of the Year.” Here are the folks that have achieved this prestigious honor each year:

Year Player of the Year
2018 Donna Fulmer Donna got a late start, only joining the tour in February. She did not miss one game after that, and was a force to be reckoned with. Donna took first place in March, and placed top three in two other tournaments. Donna also placed first at the final table of 2018!
2017 Paul O’Connor After playing a few games in 2015, and a few more in 2016, Paul did not miss one game in 2017 and had a fairly consistent year. Out of all 11 games, he made the final table 9 times, and placed in the top 3 three times, taking first place August.
2016 Bob Herd Sr. Bob is the oldest RPTer in our history. Bob had a year for the ages and earned his PotY award after planning heart surgery around the RPT schedule to ensure he didn’t miss any valuable RPT points. Congrats to Bob Herd.
2015 Brian Bennett Brian is a quiet player and he quietly dominated all year as he easily cruised through the year and achieved his first RPT Player of the Year finish.
2014 Tony Huckestein Tony dominated the RPT all year won the RPT POY without any suspense.
2013 Brian Ross Brian was barely holding first in the POY Standings going into the November tournament. After an early exit from a ghost straight flush from Grover, Brian was sure his POY status was finished and Rob Schilling would coast into first. After basically conceding defeat, the math that dropped the two lowest scores kept Brian’s score as 1 point higher than Rob’s for another squeaked out POY to give Brian back-to-back POY finishes.
2012 Brian Ross Brian was well behind in the POY standings but a Beer Bitch finish by Voldemort and a 3rd place finish by Brian gave him just enough points to pull it out
2011 Tony Huckestein Tony edged out Jim by 1 point to take the 2011 POY honors.
2010 Jim Wagner
2009 Jim Wagner
2008 Mike Goddard
2007 Jim Wagner
2006 Charles Harris
2005 John Wilenski The Matador was one of the initial members of the RPT and helped set the tone for competitive tournament style poker early on.