All-Time Stats

One of the coolest parts of is the ability to see statistics regarding your tournament performance.  We have broken this into three parts:

  1. Past Player Results
    • This page allows you to see the historical results of a particular player.  Once you have chosen a particular player, you can then view an indepth statistical scorecard of that player by clicking on the “click here to display Player Performance Analysis” link.
  2. Past Tourney Results
    • This page allows you to view the complete results from a particular tournament in the past.  Maybe you were arguing over a particular hand where you swore you knocked another player out of a tournament…  this is the place to find the truth.
  3. Career Leaders
    • This is the RPT Hall of Fame…  or Wall of Shame depending on the statistic.  Here, you can see which players have made a mark in the RPT in a particular statistic.  See who has the most career wins or the most career kills.  There are many statistics so browse around for some facts to throw at your fellow player in the next tourney.